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Kilimanjaro is defined by a light gray background complemented by fine gray speckles.


To stand on “the roof” of Africa inspires a new view of the world. Hiking Kilimanjaro inspires transformation; its mountaintop a place to find vision, inspiration, and new beginnings. And, once conquered, all you had thought undoable, becomes possible.


Applauds the ZEAL for thrill and adventure. Facing physical and mental fears awaken new perspectives into what’s possible.

Excitement gives the bravery to start, the determination to keep trying, and the spirit to have fun along the way. Adventure is an emotion that emerges when men and women wish to let their routine vanish, looking for freedom, to fly as far as imaginable, pushing their minds and bodies further than they ever thought it could be possible.

Then, after the experience, good memories and stories endure, and also a strong hunger to keep experiment and feeling.

With fine and delicate grain, ACTIVITY series steal the simplicity and prettiness of nature to capture her power and transfer it to the patterns. Esthetically charming environments conceived to please everyone, colors to complete any venture!

“Nothing makes sense if I have not mixed my body and my mind, there is no
adventure if I do not engage in it.” –  ANTOINE DE SAINT-EXUPÉRY

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