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Magellan has delicate veins in white and gray against a dark gray-brown.


Ferdinand Magellan’s gusto to explore made him the first successful worldwide voyager. He proved not only that earth is indeed round, it is also more wondrous than anyone
previously imagined.


Recognizes the ZEAL of new discoveries and the fearless explorers whose passion for adventure fuels humankind’s most notable odysseys.

From the very moment we are born, natural curiosity invades our intellect and it becomes an imperative to know how the world works. Things that are new, unusual, and outside of one’s common experience are stimulating. The more curious a person is, the more he learns. Exploring is the desire to discover. It is an eagerness to travel, investigate, question and experiment.

Some minds keep the passion for answering enigmas throughout their lives, and thanks to these individuals, exploration will permanently alter and transform the world, because what is most pleasant about discovery is sharing the results.

EXPLORER reveals subtle and fine veins in all its colors which, despite its delicacy, all of them show a firm path through their pureness skin. Slowly but surely EXPLORER follows the road that should give us cause for satisfaction.

“Curiosity is natural to the soul of man and interesting objects have a powerful influence on our affections.” – DANIEL BOONE

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