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Available in honed finishes


Teresa features rivers of gold winding through a creamy white landscape.


Mother Teresa is regarded as one of the great humanitarians of our lifetime.


Represents the human desire for contentment, and the ultimate expression of ZEAL – peace for all.

When serenity and composure prevail, all take place in their proper form, and beauty arises. When harmony runs freely, one is able to see, think, plan and make decisions more clearly. When this happens the cycle successfully perpetuates itself and one works at peace and for peace.

The magnificence of natural Italian marble stones, Calacatta and Statuario, are found in PEACE series, characterized by its distinguished white, grey and hues of gold coursing through the dramatic veining emphasizing the pure white background, which emanates balance and calmness. Never out of fashion, PEACE confers sobriety and elegance.

“It isn’t enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it.. One must work at it.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

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Our apologies, please check back again soon. Thank you!”
“Images shown may vary from actual material color, we recommend viewing a sample prior to a final selection.”
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